Sat 15th Jan 2022 – Security – Driver CPC – (Online Learning Course)


This is a virtual course.

Candidates wishing to sit one of our online courses will need a device capable of video call, this means that you will need either a laptop with a camera or a tablet/mobile phone with a camera function. Links will be sent via email to all online courses, all you will need to do is click on the link and connect.

PLEASE NOTE: Any candidate that goes offline during the course and does not come back online within 15 mins will be removed from the course, small interruptions of up to a couple of mins due to technical issues or a battery going will be allowed but we still have to show a full 7 hrs training, therefore if a candidate goes offline, the other candidates will also have to wait and continue when all candidates are back in the course meeting.  There will be comfort breaks and a short lunch break scheduled.

Course Duration: 7 hours

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Course Content Covered


  • Review of statistics regarding thefts of and from vehicles
  • consequences to employment due to thefts
  • The four main types of vehicle thieves, being: Petty, Opportunist, Professional and Terrorist.
  • Description of the methods employed by each Common methods of theft Case histories
  • Importance of commercial / passenger vehicles to terrorists
  • Consequence to the general public.
  • Emphasis on dangerous goods being carried, even in limited quantities.
  • Methods used by human traffickers and illegal immigrants Penalties for carrying illegal immigrants
  • Consequences of fuel theft Ease of fuel theft
  • Use of red diesel
  • Best practices available to avoid theft
  • Group discussion on vehicle related thefts
  • Advice on secure parking
  • The course also includes numerous film presentations, practical exercises where COVID allows and confirmation of learning quizzes