Sat 26th Feb 2022 – Company Image/Tachograph – Driver CPC – (Online Learning Course) (Copy)


This is a virtual course.

Candidates wishing to sit one of our online courses will need a device capable of video call, this means that you will need either a laptop with a camera or a tablet/mobile phone with a camera function. Links will be sent via email to all online courses, all you will need to do is click on the link and connect.

PLEASE NOTE: Any candidate that goes offline during the course and does not come back online within 15 mins will be removed from the course, small interruptions of up to a couple of mins due to technical issues or a battery going will be allowed but we still have to show a full 7 hrs training, therefore if a candidate goes offline, the other candidates will also have to wait and continue when all candidates are back in the course meeting.  There will be comfort breaks and a short lunch break scheduled.

Course Duration: 7 hours

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Course Content Covered

Company Image Segment
  • Explanation of the consequences, including loss of business, reduction of O – Licence, for antisocial / dangerous activities whilst at work
  • Explanation of the common causes of road aggression incidents
  • Advice on avoiding public conflict
  • Explanation of the criminal prosecutions and consequences of conflict
  • Explanation of how gestures can lead to serious situations
  • Explanation of how stickers, slogans or flags can lead to serious situations
  • Explanation and demonstration on defusing conflict situations
  • Explanation of the necessity to promote a good image to your customer
  • Vehicle condition and appearance
  • Driver alertness, dress and presentation
  • Compliance with all regulations
  • Professional persona
  • Explanation of the necessity to comply fully with site, customer and company policies and rules
  • Explanation of the rules on smoking in the workplace
  • Compliance with drug and alcohol policies

Including a practical exercise and confirmation quiz.

Tachograph Segment
  • Introduction to the two types of tachographs (analogue and digital)
  • Analogue tachographs
  • Manual entries
  • Mode selection
  • Centre field entries
  • Responsibilities
  • Digital tachographs
  • Requirement to use the driver card
  • Requirements for calibration, correct slots, to carry sufficient print rolls and
  • to make the information available to employers
  • Explanation and description of what must be available to enforcement
  • officers
  • Correct use of mode switch
  • Procedures for lost or stolen cards
  • Universal Time Coordinated
  • Manual entries
  • Operator responsibilities