Sat 19th Feb 2022 – Driver CPC – Health & Safety/Licence, Weights & Dimensions – (Online learning Course)


Venue: The Hunters Lodge, 296 Sydney road, Sydney, Crewe, CW1 5LU

Venue Details

  • Ample parking is available
  • All refreshments will be handled and individually packed to meet COVID-19 requirements
  • All candidates will be asked to wash their hands upon arrival at the venue
  • Hand sanitizer will be available
  • Facemasks, although not a current restriction, will be available if the candidate feels safer wearing one.
  • All candidates are to bring their own pen and paper.
  • Candidates will be socially distanced during the course, we have chosen a room specifically large enough to be able to hold the courses safely.
  • We would also ask candidates to make sure that they are socially distanced during break times and when entering and exiting the building.

Course Duration: 7 hours

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Course Content Covered

Health & Safety Segment

• Introduction to the health and safety at work act 1974.
• Civil prosecution if they cause damage or injury to themselves, other people, property or environment.
• The act requests that triviality should be avoided. This will lead to a group discussion on triviality.
• The safe way to move objects. Emphasis on short distances, use of mechanical handling equipment and posture.
• Demonstration on the safe to pick an object up and move it across the classroom
• Muscular-skeletal injuries caused by incorrect lifting and handling
• Risk assessment
• Example of risk assessments for specific activities
• Advice regarding candidates carrying out a mental risk assessment prior to any activity
• Practical exercise: Written exercise; Candidates are asked to write their own risk assessment on a scenario. The scenario to be chosen during the course, ideally an activity on site or one discussed during the course. The course includes practical exercises and confirmation quiz sheets

Licence, Weights & Dimensions Segment
  • Explanation of the EU drivers licence; including:
  • Entitlements
  • Endorsements
  • Make-up of the driver number
  • Expiry
  • Security
  • Other applicable qualifications for driving
  • Driver CPC (initial / periodic)
  • ADR, STGO, HIAB, NVQ (passenger)
  • Maximum dimensions of different vehicles. Including height and length
  • Maximum permissible weights for goods vehicles, according to the particular vehicle
  • Maximum permitted passengers for public carriage vehicles The course includes practical exercises and confirmation quiz sheets