Compliance & Support

Compliance in any industry is vital, as the transport manager holds the CPC, he is ultimately responsible for the upkeep of the O licence which means for the transport manager, compliance is an essential part of the job. The transport manager must be able to show responsibility for the road transport operation and understand what is required to maintain the CPC.

There are many members of staff involved in the upkeep of the CPC such as the manager himself, transport coordinators, trainers and, of course the drivers themselves. DCPC provides part of the training for drivers who through the DCPC courses are constantly reminded about their responsibilities and the importance of maintaining the vehicle they driver and the records that they keep. Similar for the transport coordinators that although do not get the DCPC are trained to know what they are looking for with all aspects of compliance such as keeping proper records for deliveries, paperwork for vehicle checks, defects, vehicle servicing and to help maintain the driver records.

Different companies have different systems in place to cope with these demands and although the requirements are all very similar from business to business there are differences and systems that suit some companies more than others depending on the size and scale of the business.

This is where we at Insight driver training Ltd can help, we can help businesses to clear up existing records and help to bring files up to date, we can help to bring in new systems and get those systems working, making sure that all staff involved are fully trained on what they need to be looking for and what records to keep.

Our compliance support is fully flexible, we will arrange to meet the client and find out what their specific needs and requirements are before finding out what systems they have in place to deal with the current workload, we will then help to put into place either existing systems, or help to bring in new systems, working with the transport manager and his/her staff to make sure that the systems run smoothly and effectively.

To discuss this service  please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs and requirements.