Advanced Driver Training

Advanced driving is a safe and thoughtful way of approaching your driving, people that have undergone a course in advanced driving are more aware of their surroundings, they are able to recognise changes in traffic and situations better, and due to this they are better equipped to make the required changes and react to the various situations that our roads test us with on a daily basis.

Not only does putting you or your employees through an advanced driving course give them the tools to be able to become safer drivers, it also helps to improve fuel economy, reduce wear and tear on the vehicles that they drive and it is proven to be effective in reducing the likelihood of being involved in an accident, for any company involved in transport this can and will help to reduce insurance premiums, costs for the day to day running of the vehicles, if your fleet is large or small, this will help to drastically reduce your expenditure where your fleet is concerned.

You will be encouraged to self-analyse and be open minded with your driving so that you can identify areas in your own driving that you can improve on. It is essential to approach this kind of training with an open mind so that you can fully gain from the experience.

We can offer an advanced driving course, which can be arranged to be held at your business location, it is a 5 day course, usually a Monday to Friday, start times and finish times can vary depending on your circumstances, with a theory and practical test on day 6, this is usually on the Monday following the 5 day course, again the start times may vary depending on your circumstances, the test day usually last for about 4 hours where you will get your result and grading the very same day.

During the course of the week, the driver is taken through vehicle checks, both on the outside and inside of the vehicle, safety checks are carried out and a pre-drive brake check is done, once on the road the candidate is assessed and any areas for improvement are highlighted, as you progress through the course you will benefit from a safer way of driving and be able to undertake a commentary drive as part of the course.

To discuss this service  please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs and requirements.